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Helping Negotiate Equitable Property Distribution

The Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis are highly experienced in dividing estates of all sizes. We can quickly resolve the largest and most complex property matters. At the same time, we routinely resolve “average” estates. In every circumstance, we strive to minimize costs and acrimony.

Vincent W. Davis is an experienced Divorce Attorney who have dealt with the most complex property division issues requiring creativity, knowledge and expertise. For best results in Equitable Property Division, use Vincent W. Davis to win!

Our property division lawyers and specialists will assist you with every issue surrounding valuation and distribution of marital assets, including dividing marital or quasi-community property such as the following:

  • Family residence
  • Other real estate holdings including investment properties and rental units
  • Business ventures, including closely-held businesses and S-Corporations
  • Stock options and deferred compensation such as pensions
  • Retirement plans 401(k), IRA, pensions, military, PERS, etc.
  • Collectible items, including antiques, coin collections
  • Insurance policies and insurance proceeds
  • Inheritances, gifts
  • Personal property, including furniture and electronics
  • Some intangible things people believe are property are not, including goodwill, creditworthiness, and unvested pension benefits

Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom.

We Hope to Become Your Trusted Professional Advisers and Family Law Attorneys.

10 Answers To Help You Decide If Vincent W. Davis & Associates Is the Right Law Firm to Represent You…

1. Who is your typical divorce client? Do you represent mostly men? Or Women?

I represent both men and women with equal fervor. I protect your rights. I make certain no one takes advantage of you. I help you with every aspect of your divorce from custody, alimony and support – to division of assets, distribution of property and more.

With Vincent W. Davis and Associates representing you, no one will get the best of you. No one will push youround in negotiation, mediation or in court.

My mission is to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS and secure a FAIR SETTLEMENT you can accept and live with, with no regrets.

2. Do you recommend marriage counseling?

If either spouse wants to save the marriage and the other spouse agrees to counseling, then yes course I recommend marriage counseling. Ideally, this happens BEFORE either party gets an attorney.

An attorneys’ job is to draw up papers you and your spouse mutually agree to – OR – if retained as your attorney, their job is to protect your interests and represent you in negotiation, mediation or court.

Most people who contact me have decided to divorce and just want a lawyer to represent them.

3. What type of representation do you offer?

If you and your spouse agree on EVERYTHING with no disagreements on ANYTHING and just want to end the marriage fast and with minimal cost, I can draw up legal documents acceptable to the court – with terms and conditions, (that comply with California law), as dictated by you and your spouse.

If retained as your attorney, I represent you. I protect your rights, plan strategy, advise you on issues of
custody, child support, alimony, spousal support, asset division and do on.

I stand by your side. I represent you in NEGOTIATION, MEDIATION and in COURT. You benefit from my experience in successfully resolving thousands of divorce, custody and family law matters both in and out of court.

Independent of divorce I can represent you in all family law matters including custody issues. And I can represent you in criminal cases springing from claims of spousal abuse.

4. What’s at risk in a divorce?

The short answer is… everything.

Who gets the house? Who pays the mortgage? Who gets the car? Who pays the bills? Who gets the money in the bank? Who gets the stocks? Who gets the investments? Who pays the taxes? What if they don’t pay? Will the IRS come after you? How do you deal with this?

What if one spouse earns the money and the other raises the children? Who pays attorney fees? Who gets custody? What about spousal support? What about alimony?

Who gets the property? Who gets the interest and dividend income? Who gets the pension plan?

Who gets the art collection? Who gets the classic car collection, the fancy boat or the airplane?

Who determines where the kids go to school? Who pays for it?

Who makes medical decisions for the children? Who pays for the insurance?

What about visitation? What about weekends, holidays and summers? What if the parent with primary custody wants to move out of state? What then? How do you deal with it?

All this and more can be at stake in a divorce. And that is why having excellent legal representation is so important – to protect your rights and reach an agreement you can accept and live with without regret.

5. What about costs? Is it expensive?

Far more expensive than the cost of excellent legal representation is the cost of having to live with a settlement the other side shoved down your throat because they had superior representation.

Without excellent representation, you risk being taken advantage of in negotiation, mediation or court. You risk receiving only a tiny fraction of what is rightfully yours. Likewise, you risk being forced to give up far more than you’d ever have to surrender with top legal representation.

6. What is the BIGGEST cost in a divorce? How can I lower that cost?

The biggest cost in a divorce has nothing to do with the attorneys. The #1 biggest cost in a divorce is when spouses are so angry, all they want is to destroy each other.

At several hundred dollars an hour, arguing is expensive. And reaching a reasonable agreement fast pays big dividends in the form of lower overall legal fees.

The more you and your spouse agree on – the less there is to argue about – and the lower the cost. If you can’t agree, the cost of a long drawn out legal battle with custody, support and/or property division at issue, may be substantial.

7. What is the risk of not having excellent representation in a divorce?

Besides the risk of custody going against you in a bad way, the biggest risk you face with anything less than excellent legal representation, is ending up with a court-ordered settlement that costs you far more than you should have to pay – or gives you far less than you deserve.

As expensive as having and attorney fight battles can be, the cost of being cheated out of assets that should be yours… or being robbed blind and forced to pay far more than is reasonable is MUCH higher. This is why having excellent representation as soon as possible is so important. Without it, you’re a sitting duck – and an easy mark for opposing counsel.

8. Why is reaching a fair settlement both parties will accept and live with so important?

Imagine someone getting a tiny fraction of the money and property that should be theirs. Maybe they accepted a bad settlement just to end the divorce proceeding and be done with it. Or maybe the opposing counsel hoodwinked them – and their attorney didn’t notice – or just let it slide.

But regardless of how you get a raw deal – if you feel taken advantage of you will resent it. You’ll be angry and bitter. And sooner or later, when you can’t stand it any longer, you’ll hire an attorney. Reopen the case. And go after what should have been yours from the start.

Over the last 24-years, my law firm, Vincent W. Davis & Associates, has handled thousands of legal matters THAT WOULD HAVE NEVER COME UP… if the people involved in the original proceeding would have been more thorough and the attorneys more protective of their clients’ interest.

Getting a fair settlement the first time around frees you to move on with your life without the kind of anger and resentment that shows up when you feel cheated.

9. What are the main issues in high-asset divorce?

How do you value a stock portfolio? How do you value investments in anything from real estate to a classic car collection? What about pensions or retirement accounts? What about the cash value of a big life insurance policy?

If you and your spouse own a business, how much is the business worth?

If the business is over-valued, one spouse will pay far too much based on the real value of the business. If the business is undervalued, one spouse will received far less than they should. How much does one spouse get? How much does the other give? What’s fair?

What about the tax implications of a big divorce settlement? What about taxes due at the time of the divorce? Who pays? How does that affect the overall settlement? As you can see, there’s a LOT at stake in a high-asset divorce.

Besides legal skills, handling a high-asset divorce requires keen knowledge of business accounting, tax law and business valuation.

With hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions of dollars at risk in a high-stakes divorce, you need a skilled trial attorney with a mastery of tax law, accounting, business valuation, and negotiation to represent you. Without that, you are at a terrible disadvantage.

10. Is my law firm, Vincent W. Davis & Associates, the right law firm to represent you?

What’s at risk in your divorce? What’s important enough to protect?

Custody? Visitation? Support? Money? Property? Assets? A reasonable settlement?

Whatever your answer, that’s one good reason to engage experienced counsel right away.

Is Vincent W. Davis & Associates the best law firm for you? You’ll have to answer that
question for yourself.

Here are some facts to help you decide.

Vincent W. Davis and Associates, is one of Southern California’s premier law firms specializing
in divorce, family law and domestic violence cases. Over the last 24-years, we’ve handled and
favorably resolved THOUSANDS of cases for our clients.

I am uniquely qualified to represent you in a high-asset divorce.

After college, I became a CPA and worked for one of the largest accounting firms in the world.

During that time, I evaluated thousands of businesses. I mastered the skill of examining books
and records, bank accounts, sales and inventory analysis – and determining where the money
comes from, where it goes to, how it gets there, how it’s spent, and what a business is worth.

After mastering the CPA world, I became an attorney specializing in tax and defending
professionals wrongly accused of tax fraud and administrative-law white-collar crimes.

During that six-year stage of my career I became a master negotiator and developed trial skills so
formidable, opposition counsel goes to great lengths to settle – and not have to face me in court.

My reputation as a trial attorney others would rather settle with than fight, gives you a huge
advantage, because reaching a favorable settlement out of court means less pain, less cost, less
emotional turmoil and a faster resolution for everyone.

What’s the next step?

Just pick up the phone and call 888-888-6582.

If you’d like to speak with me personally before you come in for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, let the friendly person who answers the phone know and I’ll call you back.

Otherwise, let them know you are ready to come in for your free consultation ASAP and we’ll book a time and one of our office locations that best suits you.

Your initial consultation is absolutely free. There is no cost, charge or obligation.

During the initial meeting with me, (or one of my hand-picked attorneys if I’m in court and can’t
attend personally), every question you have will be answered.

Besides answering your questions, I will evaluate your situation. Explain the risks you face.
And give you my best advice on strategy for going forward.

Then, if you decide to go forward and let us represent you, we’ll get the ball rolling.

It’s that simple.

Call 888-888-6582 and request a call back from me.

Or call 888-888-6582 to schedule a free consultation so we can answer your questions and you
can decide having Vincent W. Davis and Associates represent you is a smart move.







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Vincent W. Davis, successful Family Law Attorney

Vincent W. Davis
successful Family Law Attorney

Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom.

We, Vincent W. Davis & Associates, are proud of our capabilities and successes in Family Law. We are known for first-rate advocacy, practical advice and excellent negotiation skills. We are sensitive and strong, resolving issues quickly and effectively. We take the time to listen to ensure we act in your best interests and focus on what is really important in order to achieve the best possible outcome.